Thursday, April 7, 2011

PAGDI SAMBHAL JATTA- TRANSLATED: originally posted on 15 Aug 2010

Right from childhood we are fed on patriotic songs that fill us with a feeling of nationalism by spelling out the British Raj or neighbouring countries as the prime enemy. But what about the enemy within? Bhagat Singh had rightly predicted-'White rulers will go, to be replaced by brown rulers.' Has much changed still? The dignity of the common man on the street is always at stake. Why do people go hungry in India to fill the coffers of a chosen few while unused grain is left to rot in godowns? Why an event of national pride such as hosting an International sporting event has become a joke up until now? I find this song the most relevant to present times. Let these corrupt politicians not go scot free. Let us keep our eyes and ears open and bring to light all their mis-doings. Only then will we repay the great martyrs who gave their life for the idea of India. A translation of this adrenalin pumping song. If we replace the'goras' with today's politicians and the farmers in this song with citizens especially today's journalists, writers and social media enthusiasts, the song holds true still. Sadly 'tera lutda jae maal' still in this country. Unleash the power of a vigilant media and open forums of discussion for true independence and social change:

A translation of this inspiring song:

Look this way, oh ignorant one!
All that was yours is being stolen.
Take care of your turban, your dignity.
Make sure no one takes what is yours rightfully.
Break the shackles of slavery.
And change your destiny.
Get after these miscreants.
Dig out these tyrants,
And self serving sycophants.
Give them some hard times,
And let them pay for their crimes.

He who doesn’t lose courage
Can with grit, dwarf the sky.
If you decide to bring down stars
On earth, even stars comply.
Can you tame a strong wind that sweeps ashore?
Who has seen what lies in store?
Only your hard work and some reckless charm
Will change the lines on your palm.

Today let us take a vow
To refuse to bend and kowtow
To the will of these oppressors.
Let us exterminate these tormentors.
Your arms are like iron,
And your pen your sword.
Your heart is like stone.
These three things on board
Are enough to turn the table.
And make their life miserable.
Let’s smoke them out and prove them guilty.
At long last, let’s have some accountability.

Take care of your turban,your dignity.
Make sure no one takes what is yours rightfully.
Break the shackles of slavery.
And change your destiny

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