Thursday, August 4, 2011


Ever tried to define love? It is a tall order in this world where true love is getting to be a rare phenomenon, preoccupied as we are with getting along the tedious chore of just making a living. Well this song is a brave attempt by the poet Neeraj to atleast tabulate the ingredients of love for future generations so they could try and make the potion almost like a Chemistry lab experiment! And yeah kudos to Kishore, SD, Dev, Lata and Waheeda to give it vivid colours and feel and tune. You have to go touch, feel, taste and smell your love. And as alluring as it may appear, chances are you won't be able to do all of that to a computer screen;-)

A translation of this 'looooove'rly poem by Neeraj that has that special Kishore stamp. Have added a few lines to bring out the meaning here and there. Hope it helps some to zero in on their love:-)

Take a fair amount of mischief,
Some mirth and jokes in liberal showers,
Get the surge of the ocean from a coral reef,
And mix in the radiance of flowers.
Then add a small measure of liquor.
The state of giddy stupor
That you get from all the above
Is what we call love.

Love is like a childhood full of laughter.
It is like the weather gone off kilter.
May feel like an ember while you still flirt.
But as soft as dewdrops when you touch it in spurt.
And no matter where you are,
It could be a known place or somewhere far.
You could be in a crowd or all alone,
In the middle of a fete or in solo zone.
What lingers in your mind like a hand in a glove.
That is what we call love.

And if one had to identify that loved one,
His colour like molten gold is magnetic, bright,
Warming your world each day like the sun.
Her body would ooze the nectar of life
Softly purging your mind of all strife.
As if a tune buoyant and light
Played softly in the still of the night.
And no matter if it is sunny or gray.
What waits for you each moment while you are away,
With the peace and calm of a dove,
Is what we call love.

When you remember your love interest,
Loneliness too passes by with ease.
As if a flute plays and stays abreast
Breathing life into a town like the breeze.
And whatever be your worldly pursuits
The daze that consumes you and refuses to wane,
The intoxication that lightens your routes,
The colour that permeates each lane,
As if cascading from the heavens above,
That'S what we call love.


  1. Hi Shivani Mohan,Good attempt of translating the song. I would like to know the meaning of the urdu word shokhiyon- Is it a glass used for drinking jaam?

  2. Shokhiyon means naughtiness, pranks etc

  3. thanks i was lookng for the same work.. i got it here.. thanks again... tkcr..

  4. Thank you so much. Glad you are liking it. This is bit of a passion!:)

  5. Shivani, this is amazing. Excellent job at translating. One of the best I have seen. Are you interested in writing, general feature articles about bollywood? thanks

  6. Superb work. You have matched 'Neeraj' in his works of urdu with this work in english.

  7. Wonderful translation, couldn't have expressed it better (Actually, couldn't have done that at all!). I hope you don't mind me using a shortened version for my blog. Am giving you the credit of course, but if you do mind, I will remove it. My subject is completely different. Here's the link: