Tuesday, April 5, 2011

YEH RAATEIN NAYEE PURANI-TRANSLATED: originally posted on 2 July 2010

One of those timeless melodies...........well, I am a night person. I am sure everybody who likes the mystique and allure of night time will like this.........
Here's a translation of this mystifying number.....Bon Nuit!

These nights, new and old
Speak of many tales untold……….

...People go about their business.
Their eyes may be misty and lost,
But their hearts alive and aflutter like birds.
For night is the time when silences
speak louder than words.

What a lovely time it is!
Fragrant wafts emanate in flashes.
As if a pageant of beautiful dreams
Passed through the lanes of my eyelashes.

Who knows which way the winds blow?
What the coming days have in tow?
I hope that atleast for a year
You remember me, dear.
Make sure we don’t forget
This beautiful night we met.

These nights, new and old
Speak of many tales untold..........


  1. I love this song, thanks for the English translation, my Hindi is a quite poor as I'm a Punjabi speaker!

  2. I love this song {translation)
    vadivelu Subramanian

  3. Thank you for the translation

  4. Thank you for the translation

  5. Music is excellent .. may such good music come in future