Tuesday, April 5, 2011

AGAR MUJH SE MOHABBAT HAI-TRANSLATED: originally posted on 8 July 2010

Okay so continuing with Lata's greats,this gem of a song (maybe for those crestfallen Cricket fans who were disappointed by a damp squib of a match!!). So much build up and anticipation but it turned out a bit of a wash out.

 Most of us fall in love precisely with these optimistic and positive sentiments but frankly, how many can continue that way a few years down the line? We are more than willing to add a little gham in each other's life!;-)) ...I think it's impossible to love with this honesty and devotion today, but one can not help marvel at the purity of this song............Madan Mohan at his best, bringing out the best in Lata.

A rough translation of this song by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. I have added a few lines here and there that added to the meaning. Okay the views expressed in it are a tall order to follow in today's cut throat, selfish world. But if we can show even 10% of this compassion to the spouse/love interest in our life, it would be nice. Let's not forget the purity of our love the way it was right in the beginning. If nothing else we can give relationship advice to each other!:;-)

If you truly love me,
Give me all your sorrow.
Each tear that irks those eyes,
Come, let me borrow.

If I make your troubles mine,
I’ll be at ease.
If I hide your pain in my heart
I’ll be at peace.
Every such thing that rakes you,
Everything that makes you
Sad, give it to me.
Let me know all that stakes you or breaks you.
Let me be the dawn that wakes you.
And let me be the eve that makes you
Sleep in blissful reverie.

If I am a part of your life,
Then why not a part of your strife?
Why don’t you share your worries
And let me diminish all miseries.
The angst that burns your heart,
Of that let me be a part.

Let there be no tears that rile
These beautiful eyes for a while.
Keep the laughter alive in these eyes
And may these lips always smile.
But do give me all your sighs,
And give me all the pain that ails you.
For I’ll never be the one who fails you.

If you truly love me,
Give me all your sorrow.
Each tear that irks those eyes,
Come, let me borrow.....


  1. beautiful poem indeed!

    Do you have a translation of another favorite of mine, "Aap ki nazron ne samjha .." from Anpadh?

  2. Beautiful lyrics and it's translation !