Thursday, August 4, 2011


Saying that Kishore's songs are beautiful is stating the obvious. That is why I rarely feature his songs as my endeavour is not to put up the most popular songs or the most heard songs. I try to bring songs which we may be forgetting. But today is an exception. This is one of Kishore's most evocative songs, wonderful poetry by Neeraj and enchanting music by the maestro S D Burman. The song has some beautiful shots of a train journey through Europe and I am reminded of a similar journey we had two years ago. In fact I had written this last year on the same day remembering Kishore on his birthday. Today I play it to commemorate World Poetry Day.

What would be our movies without this beautiful, soul uplifting poetry that eases all tensions at the end of a long day. In fact long after the movie plots become redundant and dated, these songs are here to stay, for they adapt and align themselves to very contemporary feelings that we all experience and admire every day. This song has that stamp of eternal love. I saw a glimpse of it up early this week, even if through a rather sad incident. We had gone to pay our respect to a brave and brilliant officer who passed away suddenly in prime health. Now we have known the couple for over 15 years and spent great times together. They really complemented each other- he was a gregarious, glib talker, the life of the party and very social, connecting with kids and ladies and men. She his calm, composed and rock steady counterfoil, shy but solid in times of stress and need, genuinely caring for anyone in trouble. It was harrowing to see her in a state of complete hysteria and trance as she could not even recognise anyone of us for two days we were there. Her mind had completely blanked out all other associations at her colossal loss. In a strange way such intensity and depth of love left us totally stunned and speechless, that we came back home quietly humbled. I could just pray that if at all there is a rebirth, they should be together again next time round too. May God give her the strength to endure the pain right now as she has two beautiful sons to care for. But the incident left me and I am sure many, aspiring to hope for that kind of devotion and love to a person. Well enjoy this beautiful song and be thankful that at least in the realm of our exquisite poetry, such love is celebrated all the time:)

A translation of this evocative song by Neeraj. Pardon a few poetic liberties:

Took some floral tints for a start,
And used the pen of my heart,
To write you a letter each day and vent,
A few words about how you torment
Me each and every moment.

I go to sleep dreaming of you.
I wake up and your memory uncurls.
I remain entangled in your thoughts,
Like the thread in a string of pearls.
Clouds and lightening, sandalwood and water.
That is how we are bound together.
There are many storms we have to weather.
We’ll have to take birth many times.
So intoxicating are this love’s rhymes,
So sweet it’s enchanting chimes.
We’ll have to take birth many times….

You are the music that I breathe,
The lilt of my heartbeat.
You are the swan song of my dreams-
Precious, one of a kind.
You are the bloom that gleams
And scents the lanes of my mind.
Whether it’s a short journey
Or a long sojourn.
Whether it’s a deserted cranny
Or a vibrant procession.
The moment I think you out aloud,
My heart is alone in a crowd.

North or south, east or west.
Your smile adds zest
to all directions.
And I do try my best,
Using all sense and inflections,
To avoid, evade and desist.
But it becomes more difficult to resist.
Storms stopped me, raging thunders curbed.
The world called me fondly away.
But I went on unperturbed.
A picture was enough to hold sway
For me to leave all and come your way.
We will have to take birth many times.
So intoxicating are this love’s rhymes,
So sweet it’s enchanting chimes….


  1. What a song ..! Very nice Translation... from the debt of your heart... I thanked you So So Much...!

  2. Nicely translated buddy... And yes those poetic liberties are pardoned... Neeraj sahib used much lesser words, nonetheless... Commendable attempt.