Saturday, June 8, 2013


A lesser known Lata-Manna Dey duet, very touching, very earnest. The beauty of these songs and singers was the perfect ease with which they executed them. There were no gimmicks, no greed to out-do each other, each content and comfortable in his/her talent. The song too conveys a state of perfect syncronicity. Where is such commitment and depth of devotion today? Sometimes when I look at my parents' generation , I find their relationships so much more uncomplicated and easy. They had their roles etched out neatly and were happy within them. But we have to live with the curse of this age-competing, comparing and complicating. Yes, we as women are more emancipated today but this kind of humility too, as expressed in this song is so pure, so alluring. And fun is when it is reciprocated well. But such feelings should come from within, they can't be forced on anybody. Both the partners in a relationship have to work towards being worthy of such a beautiful and wholesome sense of respect, love and caring.

At the same time professional relations too are mired with cut-throatism today. One can just take inspiration from these maestros who loved not fame, name or money but their music more than anything else. These were the true stalwarts. They loved their craft passionately. They competed only with themselves. That is the reason these songs still resonate with purity. One of those Manna Dey songs that totally moved me when I stumbled upon it a few years ago while actually researching Lata songs. Laxmikant Pyarelal composition and written by Bharat Vyas. Touching indeed....

A translation of this sublime song!!

You are the moon that illuminates the skies.
I am the dust of the Earth that aimlessly flies.
You are the God of love, my paramour.
I am a flower offered in your splendour.

You are a prayer and I am the priest.
I am thirst and you the nectar that quenches it.

You are the limitless borders of an ocean.
I am a little wave on the jetty.
You are the notes of classical music.
I am an incomplete symphony.

You are the body and I am your shadow.
I am an error and you the power to let go.

You are the radiance of dawn.
The vermilion sun on the horizon.
You have been the echo of my breath from the start,
The joyous peacock that dances in my heart.

You are a prayer and I am the priest.
I am thirst and you the nectar that quenches it.

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