Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is another breathtaking song from the same movie as that Lata-Manna Dey duet I had put up. It is the epitome of tranquility. What solace, what calm you get from meeting someone who understands you completely! Someone who maybe knows you even more than you know yourself. These connections are perhaps pre-ordained.

Both these songs do give an exalted status to the beloved but what I feel is, love is often what you choose to make it. You can either keep looking here and there aimlessly all your life and reach nowhere. Or when you feel you have found that special someone, you can put all your energies into making it the purest form of spirituality, your inspiration and your purpose. It will give you so much peace and so much to look forward to each day, take it from me.

The only line I take umbrage to is again the 'Charanon Ki Dassi' bit.  But I am ready to overlook that in the wake of a startling composition and an otherwise sublime song. I am sure men by now know that no woman's a sole-mate if you don't make her your soulmate. Shoe fetishes set aside, there's a whole lot of women who feel deeply connected to their Jimmy Choos and Laboutins spiritually and can live with them happily ever after. But then some poor man even got stabbed with a stiletto by his girlfriend yesterday! Hey Ram! What has this world come to. I say shoo away those gory thoughts and just enjoy this Lata melody. It's sure to put all your priorities right ! :)

A translation of this ethereal song:

I have tied the string of my life with you, take it.
How will the storms of this world break it?

We could never be together and whole.
We are two bodies and one soul.
Even if there is darkness all around
Even if dark clouds surround
And raging thunder pours.
I’ll be yours, I’ll be yours.

Stay close, stay absorbed in my life.
Like the kohl that mingles in my eyes.
Your image is in my mind making me thine.
Your name and my heartbeat intertwine,
Bolstering, strengthening, making way.

I hunger for your sight each day.

I am
bestowed with this boon for infinity.
I found you as if I found divinity.
Now we will be together forever.
The colour of this mystic henna will never
Ever fade till the end of time.
I will be your soulmate and you mine.
I have tied the string of my life with you, take it….
How will the storms of this world break it?