Monday, July 22, 2013


On full moon nights there's a lot that is paranormal. There is a mystique in the air, moments in time as if suspended in mid air, buoyed by the rays of the moon. The iridescent web of moonlight envelops the Earth in a gossamer cloak. Everything is bathed in a celestial light. On top of that if it is a monsoon night, the interplay of rains and moon can lead to quite a crescendo of emotions. The effect can be electrifying.

It could lead to two things: Utter confusion or utter clarity. There are chances that on some such night the misty monsoon clouds scheme with Moon's very own mystery factory to lead your thoughts into a total mess. Your paramour may be right in front of you, yes, the one you were looking for all your life, yet you would find ways to distance yourself. The reality would be staring you in the eye, but you would avert your gaze and refuse to accept the writing on the wall. What ensued was sheer torture. To deny yourself that fulfilment, to sit on your higher ground, simmering with desire.

Yet sometimes such a night could bring amazing clarity. It was as if the magnificent moonlight had to be viewed through the prism of a tiny raindrop. It would not be a full-fledged rainbow that would be created but little colour coded messages of cupid that would come and strike you unawares. Keeping away was no more worth it. It was best to go with the flow. Accept the inevitable. We are tiny specks in this universe and the probability of two such specks meeting and connecting so well, against all odds, had a higher significance than you would care to accept. The universe had conspired to bring those tiny specks together. Universe or Twitterverse? Your guess is as good as mine!

Raj Kapoor-Nargis(Can there ever be a better onscreen couple?), Shankar Jaikishan, Lata ,Manna Dey all bring amazing synergies into the song. The lyrics are too pretty exceptional. A translation of this ethereal song by Hasrat Jaipuri:

This wet wet night,
This ethereal ambience.
There a mighty moon bright
Dazzles with its magnificence. 

Why is the moonlight now quiet
After lighting up this fire?
The mixed signals of the weather
Have put our sleep in a quagmire. 

A sapphire blue sky, a dainty breeze,
These moist buds as if comatose.
In this setting of idyllic ease
And fervent, free flowing prose,
Why is this heart losing patience?
Why am I not in a state of bliss?
Why this life seeks cadence?
As if there was something amiss. 

My heart seeks that impossible dream,
That I couldn’t find in broad daylight.
Or maybe I search for my lost sheen
In the dazzle of this night. 

Is there no one who remembers me
Even if by some stroke of chance?
He who would smile devastatingly
And instantly put me in a trance. 

And why is the moonlight now quiet
After lighting up this fire?
The mixed signals of the weather
Have put our sleep in a quagmire.....














  1. Awesome lines you write here that flash many poetic waves in the inner heart bringing immense joy.

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  3. I am so happy to know that, Jade!

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